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One thing missing in the African American community is learning how to balance the financial and emotional stresses of life. It generally isn't in our culture to talk out our feelings, to let someone know we need help, and to understand financial literacy and wealth building.


Many African American families are truly in survival mode. The House of HarmonE, Inc. wants to be the catalyst to change that by providing a creative outlet for the children, a healthy aspect of life through fitness, and financial literacy training for the whole family. We meet families where they are and show them that with all the stresses of life, we all deserve to find balance to truly become a House of HarmonE.

Our motto is Embrace Life as your new BFF...Balanced, Focused, and Free. Balance Your Life, Focus Your Health, and Free Your Finances.

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Family Fitness

Genetics, social, and economic factors are all reasons why the African American community is more likely to develop certain health conditions than other racial groups. We aim to provide access to fitness classes and health resources to address these issues in our communities.


I'm so excited to bring this amazing workout program to the Northeast side of San Antonio. I fell in love with Xtreme Hip Hop based on the music, the high intensity, and the fact that I can get a good sweat in without re-injuring myself. After 23 years in the Army I have plenty of injuries I have to be cognizant of.

Exercise can boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help you deal with depression, anxiety, and stress. If you're looking for a fun way to get moving again Xtreme Hip Hop will definitely do that! All fitness levels are welcomed.

Come join me to help me "Make Step Great Again!" Click SIGNUP to register for class.

The students in these video have only been taking lessons for 2 months. In that time, they went from knowing nothing about notes, beats, or piano fingering to reading and playing on their own. It doesn't take much, just one hour per week, and we can get your child there and beyond!

At the moment, music lessons are provided on a one-on-one basis in the comfort of your own home. We are hoping to expand really soon where we can offer this service to multiple children at a time in our after-school program. We use the keyboard to teach the basics so that every child learns how to read and write music. After knowing how to read, children can literally choose any instrument. We currently have keyboards, a trombone, cornet, clarinet, and flutes. Your donation will allow us to increase our inventory of instruments and music reading materials.

We use our creative writing workshops to teach children and adults to positively express themselves by increasing self-awareness, expanding their reading and writing skills, and developing resiliency by building a growth mindset.

Exploring Creativity

Financial Literacy

While we can't singlehandedly close the racial wealth gap that exists due to historical injustices, systemic inequality, and employment discrimination, we believe expanding financial literacy through healthy conversations about personal finance and estate planning in the African American community will close that gap over time. 


Our workshops cover budgeting, saving, investing, eliminating debt, building personal wealth, and the importance of estate planning. Simply book a financial consultation with us to see how we can help you on your family's journey toward financial freedom.

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