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Executive Director

A true Libra, Adrienne is all about finding balance to truly live in peace and harmony. Contact her for help with all things financial, travel, health, and creativity related. Now that she’s retired from the Army, she’s enjoying her newly freed time teaching Xtreme Hip Hop Step, music education, and financial literacy.

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An expert in his field, Mondrea is an orator and educator of all things relating to the African Diaspora. He has an innate ability to teach people of all ages, bridging the gap between the elders and the youth. He's available as a motivational speaker and event emcee.

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Family Housing Concept. Young African Am


To create a thriving and united African American community in San Antonio, TX where every individual has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, free from discrimination and disparities.

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The House of HarmonE, Inc. is dedicated to promoting positive change and equitable opportunities for African Americans by providing a comprehensive range of programs, resources, and support, with a focus on education and youth development, cultural celebration and heritage preservation, health and wellness, economic empowerment, and community engagement and advocacy.


BBA Accounting and Finance

Finance Coach, Private Music Teacher, Fitness Instructor,

Food Safety Consultant

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​Adrienne retired from the Army in May 2023. For nearly 24 years she served as a Food Inspector and Food Safety Officer in the Veterinary Corps. She grew up as a dancer and musician, naturally inheriting a passion and skill from her father who too was a Soldier but also a musician, aerobics instructor, and choreographer of a dance group called "Pierre’s Dance Ensemble." She followed in her father’s footsteps and started college as a Music Education major. 

In 2003, she changed her major from Music Education to Finance and Accounting. Since then, she’s been passionate about sharing personal finance tips with whomever she encounters, providing financial advice on saving and investing to her community and to small business owners.

Adrienne never lost her love for teaching music and saw a need to provide access to music lessons to those who couldn't afford them. Simultaneously, she started dancing in church and became a choreographer for youth and adult groups. Over the years, she’s worked with many organizations either substituting for dance lessons or teaching basic finance principles and investing. She has an uncanny love for teaching and wants to impart all she knows on whomever will listen.

She is an Xtreme Hip Hop Step Instructor, the Portfolio Manager of Onyx Investment Club, a Sister of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc., and a Sister of Untouchable Phi.


Event Host, Storyteller, Creative Writing Coach, Independent Consultant

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Mondrea hails from Chicago, IL. Having studied Radio Broadcasting at Columbia College, it is during this time he gained a love and incredible skill for hosting and auditory performance. His career spans many years as a sought-after Docent for the Museum of Science and Industry and the DuSable Museum of African American History. He is currently sought after as a motivational speaker for many organizations speaking on the betterment of African people through knowledge of our history. 


In 2010, Mondrea founded and hosted Poetic Therapy to Feed Your Soul poetry sets, bringing his Chicago flavor, flow, and love for community to San Antonio's Northeast side. It is through this venue Mondrea's skill for teaching creative writing and expression was highlighted. His career also includes involvement on movie projects and radio soap operas, one movie winning First Place for Best Independent Movie of the Year on the popular cable network Showtime.

Mondrea has an innate ability to teach on all levels from the youngest youth to the eldest adult and is an invaluable Harmonizer on the team!

He is a lifelong member of the Black Panther Cubs led by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., a member of St. John's Original Most Worshipful Acacia Lodge, a Brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and an active member of the Ase' Black Storytellers of Chicago.​

Together they co-parent this beauty, Ras Amicah Harmon, because they understand the power in raising her as a united front, with a foundation set in love. She's named after Haile Selassie, who was the first Emperor of Ethiopia. His real name was Tafari, to which they called Ras-Tafari, meaning the first or head-of. 

Ras is the title of Duke, or in her case, Duchess. The love they created in her is the epitome of what The House of HarmonE, Inc. represents.

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